Late Night Musings

I can occasionally be like one of those kids that keeps asking “why?”. I wonder about many things, and at the moment, it’s the British.

First, some words just sound better with a British accent. Herbs, charade, schedule, aluminum, and basil. Just say them in a British accent, unless you’re in a library, then just think them in one.

Second, some words that mean something in the U.K. mean something else in the U.S. So I want to know what the opposite is. If they’re English muffins in the U.S., and muffins in the U.K., then what do the British call muffins? Are they same as muffins, a whole general muffin category? If biscuits are cookies, then what are real biscuits called? Rolls? Are chemists all the same thing in the U.K.?

I’m for me to let the ambien kick in. Get back to me if there are any answers for this.

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