The Clock that Ticked Once

Apparently I am not like “normal” women. By this, I mean that I will never have human children. Ever. I’ve known it most of my life, and it doesn’t bother me one bit. Has it affected potential relationships? Yes. Does it make other people angry? Yes? Don’t ask me to explain that, I won’t get it. It’s like trying to tell me how much you like football, or…sperm. I have no idea, and I don’t want to try.

Now, I am going to be 32 in a couple of months. I just realized that this is about the time ten years ago that that biological clock I had heard so much about actually ticked for me. It lasted, I would say anywhere from a week to a month. I know it was there one day, and I remember when it left.

I was working for my girlfriend at the times cousin as a Nanny. She had 2 boys, one 6 and the other 9 months. I was there from morning until when their mom got home. I had never taken care of a baby full-time like that before. I would say, about a month into the job, I started seeing these kids in a new light. I started thinking “hey, maybe it is different if they’re your own. I might want one of these. Aw look he’s being cute.” I started talking to my girlfriend about it, which rightly freaked her out. There were three problems with me possibly wanting kids: one, I had never wanted them before, and said I never would. Two, my girlfriend did not want kids. Three, my girlfriend wasn’t in love with me and was basically using me and cheating on me. I didn’t know about that last one till some time later.

Anyways, I remember spending days muddling through taking care of those two kids, and finally seeing what everyone else saw. There was something comforting in that, in the normalcy I suddenly felt. I wasn’t into baby dolls as a child, I never wanted kids, I didn’t even really want to get married. If you have ever been not normal, you might know what its like to suddenly not feel like some mutant that isn’t made correctly. “Oh shit!” said the gods “we forgot to put in her biological clock!”. Yeah.

Then it ended. Those kids would scream, make messes, make me feel so exhausted that I couldn’t function. I couldn’t pee because the baby didn’t like to be left alone for two minutes. I had to get the 6 year old from school every afternoon, even in hail. There was vomit, drool, poop, and “oh god what is that?” slimy things. Some of you are reading this going, aw that’s cute, that’s how they are. You somehow find some of it endearing. Like muscling through the hard times makes the good ones so much better. For me, muscling through the hard times wasn’t enough, I started muscling through the good times too.

As these things happened and time went on, I became myself again. And when I look back at it now, it seems like some drug induced time, maybe a spell? I’m not sure. But I am back to my mutant self that does not, and will not, ever want children. Some will and do vilify me for this. Go ahead, everyone loves forced reproduction. I could give you the reasons why I shouldn’t have children. In fact, here’s an easy one.


That is how you see a baby, compared to how I see a baby. You see something snuggly, that smells like talcum powder and is full of giggles. I see a monster attacking me with its hands, mouth, and eyes, trying to give me botulism. They don’t go well with my germaphobia. Their noises make me tense and irritable. Don’t try to say it’s not that way forever, my oldest niece is 12, the youngest is 6. I’ve been around them plenty. And you can go pretty much anywhere and there will be throngs of teenagers there. There is no better for me. Well, better would be another dog maybe. Or a tortoise. Or a rat. I’m an animal person. Anyone in their right mind would not want me to have a baby. There’s not enough medication in the world for that.

To those of you who have children, yay for you. I hope you do well and your kid turns out to be a decent human being. You also probably don’t get this story. But that time you started thinking about having kids? I was right there with you! Then I went and had a beer and never thought about it again.


3 thoughts on “The Clock that Ticked Once

  1. You know what? I totally see what you see. I have never liked kids. I used to freak out when someone I knew had recently had a baby, because I knew that they might want me to hold it — that I was supposed to want hold it. I still do, sometimes.

    You may or may not know much of my recent history, but suffice it to say, my son wasn’t exactly planned in advance. And I wasn’t one of those mothers who was all “OMG, the instant he was born, I was in love!” (In fact, I think the idea that it’s supposed to happen that way is kind of harmful, since I thought something must be wrong with me.) It took time.

    I still don’t gush over babies. And kids never do what you tell them to. And teenagers just suck. But I love my kid. And not just because he’s mine, either. I love the individual. I don’t know. I’m amazed by the untapped, native potential of kids, and I’ve definitely become more attuned to that since having one. He gives me an excuse to explore life. But I think there’s a certain type of person who is all stickers and fluffy clouds and Awww, widdle shoes. And that person is definitely not me. I had to love my individual kid to love him.

    Incidentally, I feel the same way about marriage. I told my husband “You know, I don’t really care about being married one way or the other. I wanted to marry you.” It took him a minute to see that it was a compliment.

    And yeah; kids are freaking gross sometimes.

  2. I love that you know who you are and what you want from life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not having the kid impulse. There’s plenty of us out there to keep the world populated. I am definitely in the “aww, widdle shoes” camp and I think there’s always been a mother in me waiting to come out. But having a baby isn’t the only way to nurture and love. It seems like you do that with your beloved doggies and girl friend : )

  3. When people try to argue with me, the best statement I can give them is “Its better that I know I don’t want kids, and have them because people expect me to and make myself and them miserable”. Its also easier than explaining a baby toddling towards me makes me shrink back in terror.

    Kim- I think more women who have babies feel that way right away, but are afraid to admit it. I was there when my sister Jessica had her first baby. They kinda plopped Jamie on her chest, all slimy and oozing goo, and the very first thing she said was “she stinks”.

    Sareh- You are way above most moms in your appreciation for other peoples choices, and especially recognizing that my dogs/cats are my children. I love them the same way people love their human kids. Except mine sometimes poop on the floor. Oh wait, I’ve seen a baby do that, lol