I am so done with my sleep. Sleep and I used to get along famously.  Sleep would be here every night, and we’d have a great time until around early afternoon sometimes even. But lately, Sleep seems to not be so into me anymore. If I’m lucky, Sleep gets here around four am. Worse, lately Sleep hasn’t been getting here until sunrise! I tried to reason with Sleep, even entice them with things they usually can’t refuse, like ambien, but nothing is working. I keep getting excuses from Sleep, like “oh I was stuck on Tumblr” or “I got sucked into a binge watch on netflix“. We’ll this is it, I really am done with Sleep this time. I’m tired of excuses, the inability to be punctual, a general flightiness of showing up for an hour or two then just wandering off, obviously daydreaming. I don’t want to be that sad desperate girl begging Sleep to come ’round. I’m too angry, and my brain is muddled from being awake all night, and, well, more than anything, I’m just… tired.

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