The Brain Who Lived

I just realized, maybe this migraine I’ve had for 7 years is really just my brain pounding around in my skull trying desperately to escape.

Eventually it will kill me, crawl out of my crushed skull, and feed on the populace. It grows to a mutated, ginormous size, climbs a building, and helicopters attempt to take it out. It will whip the trailing section of my spinal cord like a tail, knocking them into buildings. Others it will devour their human contents then smash them to the ground. As it climbs to the spire of the building, mutating with each feeding, it grows so large it can no longer support its weight. The prehensile tail will struggle to push further, aiming for some unknown place above, and with a terrifying roar it slips, impaling itself atop the skyscraper. Glass and steel strain against its weight. The heat from the afternoon sun causes small rivulets of descending blood to boil, as the dead brain rots and cooks. My memories slide down the glass. Survivors attempting to escape are over run by these gelatinous masses and suffocate staring at small moments from my life.

Those who manage to survive the event have been unfortunately exposed, and now they too are mutating. Their brains are devouring them from the inside and escaping their hosts. Each one is a rage filled monster living only to feed and die and spread it’s infection throughout the world. No one is immune. No one is safe.

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