Q: Why can’t I right-click??

A: Unfortunately, because of so many issues with written works and images being stolen, this website is not available to copy and paste any content. Any links that lead to outside the page will open in a separate tab. If you would like to use content from this site, please contact the author here.

Q: Do you have writing I can download to my Kindle/Nook/Ipad?

A: Not yet. I would love to, but the amount of energy required I am just incapable of this at this time.

Q: Will downloadable content work on multiple devices because of DRM restrictions?

A: As I get work available for download, I am doing my best to ensure that there will be no DRM restrictions so that my work can be shared and enjoyed by everyone. I do not support the idea of DRM restrictions on content. If any of my work is published in a compilation, periodical, or series, I likely do not have authority over the DRM rights, and will do my best to make my work available to everyone as legally and easily as I can.

Q: How often do you add new work?

A: As often as I am able. Unfortunately, due to my illness it can be very difficult for me to devote energy to my writing.

Q: I am interested in advertising on your site.

A: Please go to my Contact page and fill out that form. I am interested in trading advertising as well as accepting advertising on my site for a small fee. I only allow sidebar and footer advertising. Anyone who wishes to advertise with me, I’m accepting ad’s that are relevant and in line with the works I create. I am not interested in affiliate advertising, or click-through advertising (such as google ads).

Q: Why do you give trigger warnings?

A: To help anyone who may have/had something in their life that causes them any kind of negative reaction when they encounter it again. For me, I appreciate trigger warnings about sexual abuse, rape, sexual violence, and self harm. For others this can involve suicide, eating disorders, abuse, violence, etc. If you feel something on here needs a trigger warning please contact me, include what story, blog, or piece you think needs a trigger warning and for what.

Q: Why didn’t you warn that something on here was NSFW (Not Safe For Work)?

A: If you’re browsing the internet at work or in a public place where you don’t want your browsing to be public, then stay off the internet. If you aren’t supposed to look at a certain kind of material at work, then stay off the internet. I am not your parent/guardian. It is your job to be a responsible person, which includes being your own nanny.

Q: I’m offended by something you said.

A: You can leave a comment or send me a message if you’d like. However, this is my website, I do explain the type of writing and content available here. It is not always safe for work, and I have disclaimers before my erotic work for those under 18. If something here offends you personally, I suggest looking inward, looking for some self-awareness at why you were bothered. You are not forced to be on this website, and I will not tolerate abuse here, of myself, my works, or other commentors. If you leave an insulting, rude, or threatening comment, I reserve the right to delete it, change it, and/or inform the authorities if necessary.

Q: I don’t like being told what to do!

A: I have a group for that. We’re called “People who don’t like being told what to fucking do”. Our acronym is BITCHES. This is also the password, preferably yelled loudly, where children can hear it.

Q: What are you talking about??

A: I use many types of terminology especially about gender and the GLBTQIeverything community. I am quite nerdy too, and if you don’t understand something I am talking about, I strongly suggest checking any of these sources:


Anything by Joss Whedon

Anything by Monty Python

Anne Rice

Bill Bryson

True Blood

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Star Wars

Marvel Comics

Kevin Smith

Eddie Izzard

Russell Brand

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

The Huffington Post

The Onion

Urban Dictionary