A tiny break in my head

I realized a few minutes ago that this is the first migraine I have had in a long time. Whats strange to anyone other than me is “a long time between migraines” is two days. Two whole days with no migraine, no meds, for the first time in 5 years!!

While anyone else may not think thats a big deal, if I wasn’t having a migraine I’d be dancing around or even better, reading a book. May not seem like the most exciting celebration to anyone else, but books are in the top 10 things I love most in the world.


So woo hoo for now.

Book Review: Bayou L’Abeille

Bayou L'Abeille by A.D. Sams

Bayou L’Abeille by A.D. Sams

A myriad of short stories revolve around an antiquated Louisiana town. Time has little meaning here, and stories jump around from tales of the towns founders to it’s visitors to its residents. At many points I was unaware of what time period a story was taking place in, which can be detracting. Once I was past the first few stories, it was easier to absorb that each piece is about the characters and setting, that the time has very little meaning, because its not relevant.

The various stories really collected what the outside world has been given of what a small Louisiana town might be like (as those settings have gained popularity in the last few decades), when in reality this could easy be any town, or any city. Each character is different and nuanced. The stories touch on so many themes and common issues that it is unlikely you will leave the book without a character you identified with, or fell in love with. Characters and buildings pop up in each others stories, weaving the intricacy of the town with its history. Scenery is typical of what you hear from a Bayou setting, moss, lush gardens, a landscape one might easily get lost in, or that time might eat away at.

My only complaints were that the back synopsis was a bit confusing, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to be reading to start with. Also, when a few characters showed up in other stories, I did have to go back and reread who they were. I would have loved a bit more detail for characters like Melvin, Hoyt, and Kelly.

In particular my favourites included Of A Red Bird and The Oracle. I love strange imagery, which both of these fulfilled. Add in odd events, blood ties that seem magical, and a Seer that knows more than anyone realizes, and I’m hooked.

It ends well, the last 2 stories wrapping up what felt like some loose ends that were left in some of the middle tales. I suggest reading it twice to really catch all of it, like a movie that you might have missed a few of the good lines just watching it once.

PS: You might cry a little at a few of these stories, so save some tissue.

Randomy randomness

I have no actual paragraphs of interestingness to say, so I’ll just say whatever has stomped through my brain the past few days.

never enough zombie killing

Saw Resident Evil: Retribution. There were no zombie dogs this time. Were we unable to get past the fact that it’s still a dog, so we’re a little sad when they die? Or were we just tired of the zombie dogs, and needed something new? What about zombie dinosaurs? Oh wait, that’s not believable.




I still don’t understand the drool about an iphone. Don’t explain it to me, I won’t understand. And don’t ever say a single thing about how much I spend on shoes if you own an iphone. 

I wonder if any of my medications are making me dumber. I seem to have more trouble spelling, speaking, and putting together logical sentences. It’s also possible that its due to old age, I did just turn 32.

My body actually feels tired after a migraine finally goes away. I call it my migraine hangover. I would google to see if other people get this, but I also don’t care.

Someone’s Us magazine got put in our mail box. I read it. No, I tried to read it. I looked at some of the pictures. I realized I didn’t know who most of the people were. I realized I didn’t care. I also think gossip magazines are tacky and have a general distaste for paparazzi. Maybe I’m a snob.

I do not have Buffy/Angel/Firefly rewatches. They are on a consistent loop. I did not include Dollhouse, haven’t really welcomed it into the fold yet. It’s all the implied rapeyness, I can’t handle that much rapey rapeyness.

All hail the whedonyness

I like the other blogs I read that show other people unable to function as adults. They make me feel better about my inability to function as an adult.

I’m reading The Courtesan’s Revenge. I had to look up what Black Pudding is. What the hell is wrong with people.

I got a couple new bras, and as most women with large breasts, I only go through this torture as needed. There is no “fun bra shopping” on my planet. I had to get resized. I’m a 44F. I don’t care about the 44, but F?? Seriously?

finally someone understands these things are all not fun and games

I almost accidentally killed myself on my birthday. I always put together a migraine cocktail before I leave the house, one dose, all one bottle, about 10 pills total. I keep the xanax in its own bottle. I wasn’t looking, it was nearly dark because of a movie about to start. It’s a good thing I actually looked down just before I tossed them in my mouth. Can 10 2mg xanax kill you?