The time to party

That was this whole two weeks (There was plenty of unrelated drama, but I’m so tired of talking about it). Granted, partying for us means lounging around doing stuff we like the most, going to dinner, visiting water animals, and making the dogs wear party hats. Our partying has mellowed out since we’re a couple of old fogies now.

First it was Studly’s 9th birthday. Yes, my dog has a birthday. We have a little party with all the dogs and my niece and nephew (I think they enjoyed it as much as the dogs did, which was TONS).

Don’t squeeze him, he’s full of food!

Blurry, but I think that may be from all the partying

Sparkly things, shiny hat, new toys, and still posed for pictures. What a dog.

Studly wore his stylish birthday hat and picked out a fabulous pink dress to wear (sadly, not pictured). They ate banana yogurt (too hot to bake a cake this time of year), and he opened presents. I wanted a pinata, but Chihuahuas are terrible at that. Maybe I could train them to play pin the tail on the donkey for next year…

Not all the animals are party animals

Not all the animals are party animals


Dianne’s birthday was half relaxation (mostly her playing unending hours of Skyrim), a small party she went to with a few family members (I am still excluded from these events, but I got left over cake anyways), the Sea Life Aquarium, and dinner at Mimitas (Cuban food), with a few of our very awesome friends (hosts from party described in The Outside, it Burns). Add in a few indulgences and this is likely the best birthday she’s had in a few years (I don’t think she recalls much of the one where she drank all the Patron on the planet, but that’s a story for another time). Oh my look at all my strange sentences in parenthesis.


I felt its power and was compelled to add it to my shopping cart.

My gift to Dianne was our final foster dog, Big Butch. His nickname is Sausage, which is difficult to explain at best. (Adoption of a foster dog by the foster parents is termed “foster failure”, in a very endearing way). We unfortunately had to leave the rescue we volunteered with due to many hectic things in our personal lives. We still love the group, animal rescue, and will likely return to feeling like superheros to furry animals someday. Until then, meet the final member of our furry pack.

Think of him saying this in Eeyore voice.

Think of him saying this in Eeyore voice.

dianne and big butch

They’re so excited…… they just can’t fight it. And now that song will be in your head for DAYS.