Family Life

My sister and I aren’t getting along right now. I’m angry at her, and she might be angry or upset at me. The only person I really have to talk to about all of this is my girlfriend Dianne. Anyone else gives me the same answer “you have to let her live her life, make her own mistakes” blah blah blah. If you were standing on a sidewalk and someone was standing in the road in oncoming traffic, wouldn’t you try to help?

We’ve fought plenty of times, giant blow ups and then we get over it and we’re best friends again. She’s also the only person I can fight with like that.

Our mom is a pretty bad person. She wasn’t always that way, she was ok for a while. She took basic care of us, but spent most of her time doing drugs or having sex. Needless to say she wasn’t around much. We did have what is known as a “funny uncle”, who thankfully now is serving several lengthy prison sentences. When she left my dad when I was 13, she left him for a Nazi drug dealer. They’ve been together ever since, about 18 years. Off subject, they say “meth kills” but it seems to take a long ass time. He beats her, abuses her verbally, and was awful and abusive to my sisters.

The reason for that back story is that my sister’s boyfriend is a drug addict, racist, and verbally abusive. There is an ongoing investigation on if his step father molested my 6 year old niece. We haven’t talked since I told her two days ago that she was acting like our mom.

I feel infuriated in helplessness. I’m a Virgo, the oldest, and helped raise my sisters. But, there is literally nothing I can do about this situation. People say I should call the cops because of the drugs, but then my sister will get in trouble as well, because although she’s not using, he is, and its around my niece and nephew. I have been getting calls from her for months complaining about how he treats her, making her cry, just being an asshat in general. I see the life my niece and nephew have and how it mirrors my childhood and it nearly gives me a panic attack. Just thinking about it makes me crave xanex. I’m watching a train wreck, and can’t even help drag away the battered bodies.