Just write

The same advice repeats no matter where you look for “how to be a writer”. Just write!

Yeah, here’s the problem, I can’t. Not enough. Not enough to where a full story or novel in written, arranged, researched, and edited. I can do little bits here and there. I have at least 5 full novels that I have bits of, scraps saved in my email, memos, or in my “writing” file. Inevitably, my brain starts pounding, stabbing, or throbbing to where any writing is impossible and I can’t. This goes on for months. For me to just update this blog takes so much energy I can’t even keep up with it on a regular schedule.

I want to be a writer. I can’t confidently say I am a writer, because I don’t feel I have enough writing out in the world yet. I have so many stories that I love, I want to show them to everyone, but I can’t get them out. I worry that I will die before I even complete one. That is one of my goals, to complete one of these stories that I love so much.

I will not accept the idea that I am weak because I won’t “overcome” the my illness to get my writing done, or anything done for that matter. I used to think that, hell, I have a post a bit back about wishing I was strong. I am strong, I am limited by my illness, and I am going to be a writer.

(PS… this is a very post dated FUCK YOU to the person who said I just need to “get over” my migraines)