Randomy randomness

I have no actual paragraphs of interestingness to say, so I’ll just say whatever has stomped through my brain the past few days.

never enough zombie killing

Saw Resident Evil: Retribution. There were no zombie dogs this time. Were we unable to get past the fact that it’s still a dog, so we’re a little sad when they die? Or were we just tired of the zombie dogs, and needed something new? What about zombie dinosaurs? Oh wait, that’s not believable.




I still don’t understand the drool about an iphone. Don’t explain it to me, I won’t understand. And don’t ever say a single thing about how much I spend on shoes if you own an iphone. 

I wonder if any of my medications are making me dumber. I seem to have more trouble spelling, speaking, and putting together logical sentences. It’s also possible that its due to old age, I did just turn 32.

My body actually feels tired after a migraine finally goes away. I call it my migraine hangover. I would google to see if other people get this, but I also don’t care.

Someone’s Us magazine got put in our mail box. I read it. No, I tried to read it. I looked at some of the pictures. I realized I didn’t know who most of the people were. I realized I didn’t care. I also think gossip magazines are tacky and have a general distaste for paparazzi. Maybe I’m a snob.

I do not have Buffy/Angel/Firefly rewatches. They are on a consistent loop. I did not include Dollhouse, haven’t really welcomed it into the fold yet. It’s all the implied rapeyness, I can’t handle that much rapey rapeyness.

All hail the whedonyness

I like the other blogs I read that show other people unable to function as adults. They make me feel better about my inability to function as an adult.

I’m reading The Courtesan’s Revenge. I had to look up what Black Pudding is. What the hell is wrong with people.

I got a couple new bras, and as most women with large breasts, I only go through this torture as needed. There is no “fun bra shopping” on my planet. I had to get resized. I’m a 44F. I don’t care about the 44, but F?? Seriously?

finally someone understands these things are all not fun and games

I almost accidentally killed myself on my birthday. I always put together a migraine cocktail before I leave the house, one dose, all one bottle, about 10 pills total. I keep the xanax in its own bottle. I wasn’t looking, it was nearly dark because of a movie about to start. It’s a good thing I actually looked down just before I tossed them in my mouth. Can 10 2mg xanax kill you?


How far is too far?

I couldn’t sleep, as happens to me at least once a week, and that’s even with a combo of muscle relaxers and ambien. I finally gave up at 6am, got some cereal and looked to see if one of my two favourite shows was on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel.

In the name of all things Whedony we pray

A little back story: I watched Buffy when it premiered, I was 16, and my first girlfriend and I watched it together every week. We watched Angel too. It wasn’t until my current girlfriend that I saw Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, and Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog.

And now? One of the things I love best about my girlfriend is her extra nerdyness. Mine had hidden inside for years, due to constant pressure that femmes weren’t nerdy. Bullshit, by the way.

We both are huge Joss Whedon fans, known as Whedonites. We watch movies that Joss Whedon known actors are in, just to watch them again. I’ve seen the awful unaired Buffy pilot. We own all the seasons to everything but Dollhouse- which is still on netflix if we feel so inclined. We both have twitter accounts that largely follow other Whedonites and actors from Joss Whedon projects. I even set up a daily game that is played on twitter called “6 Degrees of Joss Whedon”. We both can quote various shows off-hand as just normal conversation. Lastly, James Marsters singing “Let Me Rest in Peace” is the ringtone on my phone.

Why is this important??

Does this make us obsessed? No. I can only say this because I’ve seen obsessed. I’ve seen twitter accounts that post paparazzi Alyson Denisof from her dentist’s office that sicken me. I’ve seen some of the most horrifying fan fiction in existence. (Side note: I’m not a real supporter of fan fiction, but I’ll explain that another time.) I do not need clothes, or props from any of the shows to keep as idols in little glass cases that I sit in worship over. I wouldn’t try to steal Sarah Michelle Gellars straw from her cup if she was at some restaurant I was also at. I would not attempt to clone her through DNA left on said straw. I have no Whedony tattoos anywhere, which is something that can border on obsession. I also spend a good part of time in reality, not wandering around in a Sunnydale set that lives in my brain like my own “Normal Again”episode daily.

Plus no one tells me to kill my friends

I don’t know the point of bringing all this up. Perhaps its as my girlfriend and I meet more Whedonites, I can see those obsessed fans that actually scare us. I also feel sorry for the actors, directors, and everyone that obsession gets attached to, because that’s their privacy that being violated to feed into someones obsession. I don’t like the scared or angry looks on some celebrity’s face because a jerk is thrusting a camera at them, yelling obscenities, to try to get their attention and get a reaction.

This image of Sarah Michelle Gellar was so very important for the paparazzi, how would we know she drinks coffee without this??

These are the points you understand why Michael Jackson put masks on his kids. If they can’t even protect themselves, how can they protect their kids. When will this obsessive fandom boil over and those people we love to see lock themselves away because they’ve been broken? Authors and creators stop working because all the fan fiction created from their work, sent to them, begging them to change original plots, finally makes them give up?

I just want to love this silly globule of pop culture, and I’m worried it will be smashed.

Like and Don’t Like

I’m very full of angst tonight, the last puppy from the litter we’ve been fostering goes to her new home tomorrow. I can’t sleep and I’m more upset about it than I thought. Making lists calms me, its the Virgo in me.








classic rock


Ancient Egypt

Renaissance Art



Ballroom Dancing


String Theory

My feet

teaching children curse words


interesting crime


Joss Whedon tv shows



The zoo

good vodka


Pause: wtf is going on this episode of xena?? (season 6 ep 13, seriously, wtf)

when homophobes get caught being gay

nice bathrooms

the mouse that lives in our stove (Bob)

President Obama

comic book movies

horror movies

Australia (I’ve never been there, but I heard its awesome)

Stand Up Comedy

the picts that defeated Romes 9th Legion

Bookmans bookstore


Don’t Like:

Puppy Rogue going home tomorrow

Puppy poop on my couch

The jesus theme in Xena

Being rocked like a hurricane

Creepy straight guys


pickled things that aren’t pickles

religious music trying to sound like regular music

monotheistic religion


things coming at me from the tv

staring babies



most humans

female genital mutilation







the military

redneck comedy

kitten heels

modern art

factory farming

genetically modified foods