Writers Block

I am having writers block, but on multiple levels. I would say its not just block, but a general disenchantment with my writing and the world that sees it.

I’ve been trying to write four different things for the past week, and edit another story that I wrote quite some time ago. I can’t seem to get the words right, everything seems forced and sounds choppy.

To help with this I usually watch a few different movies that have really great scripts. The language is so beautiful I feel like I can find my words again. I also have some blogs I go to, I can get a variety of topics and those inspire me too.

Last night I was going through blogs, and nothing seemed to be working. The primary issue I was having was I felt like I was reading the same types of things over and over, and none of them were what I write about. I write a very specific type of erotic work. I write erotic lesbian short stories, sometimes with some BDSM thrown in. I play with gender roles too. However, everything I seem to be reading lately is about self prescribed lesbians have sex with cis men. Not fictional stories, but life stories.

This bothers me because I feel like that group I used to have of people who read and enjoyed my work, that were like me, is gone. I’m feeling like my writing is pointless, because no one can identify with what I’m writing about. I don’t know how to start writing again because I don’t know why I would bother anymore.  I feel like my writing has no place in the world.

If only my writers block were this cute.