Keys to a happy relationship

We’ve been watching that show The Fosters, which is mainly about this lesbian couple and all these kids they foster/adopt. Like they’re collecting children. Not for a sweatshop or some sort of children menagerie, just because they like having lots of kids, no time for each other, drama,and very little money. I assume that’s what most people who have kids like.

Anyways, they said something about how they have so little time to “be intimate” aka prime time non cable speak for sex or bdsm or whatever they’re into. Their excuse is that between kids, work, and paying bills they just don’t have time or energy.

If that is what keeps the sexytime going and a happy relationship, then I guess we win. I explained to Dianne that of course we’re happy by that standard! We don’t have human children, only one of us works, and we can’t pay our bills, we must have the key to perfect happiness. Or something. I think its more of a key to sleeping in and hanging at home all weekend watching horror movies and playing video games.

Either way, we are probably way too happy with each other than fits a typical long term relationship stereotype. Damn.

I tried to enjoy the blogher site, really

I don’t know how much time you spend online, but I spend quite a bit. I can end up lost in the interwebs, ending up on websites that I have no idea how I got to. Many times I simply followed a link someone posted on twitter. This particularly applies to many of the childfree articles I read.

I ended up on this article: Hey Dance Teacher! Parents Work! (which also implies parents don’t know how to use capitalization properly as well). Now, reading an over abundance of articles concerning the entitlement of parents, particularly mommies (definition here), has made me somewhat jaded. I am sick to death of mommies bitching and whining that the world won’t change (or revolve around) their ever expanding demands. I left a fairly sarcastic comment, which has yet to be replied to. I’m going to assume this is because the mommies don’t understand sarcasm, and actually think I’m serious.

I had to join BlogHer to leave this comment. That’s not uncommon on any site, which I still maintain is stupid and a pain in the ass. I appreciate those sites that let me just use my facebook or twitter to log in, forgoing their account signup process. On the upside, I realize tons of female bloggers use this site, they have a yearly conference, and it might be a good link to add to my network. I filled out my profile. Then I started exploring the site.

Lets see, interesting blogs to read…hmmm… mommy is tired, mommy wants more babies, mommy this, mommy that, look what mommy cooked, how mommy saves money. Perhaps they should rename the site BlogMommy?

blog mommy


I did a search, and found a small handful of people who blog about childfree life. These blogs had no comments on them, and seemed to have very little traffic. At least they didn’t have the standard angry mob mommies attempting to eviscerate anyone who talks about the joys of life without children.  I did find that on another blog outside of the site, a blog that I quite enjoyed so far.

So lets say I want to read about things on their site other than childfree life? Well, I’m also very involved in animal rescue. A search there found 128 blog posts on the topic in 2012, most with no comments as well. Lets see, a search for “lesbians” since I am one, found 308 blog posts in 2012. No comments, and the top 10 posts that showed were decidedly insulting to lesbians, not about our life at all. One was a diatribe about how unattractive lesbians in real life are compared to on TV, another is how fat we are. Good times. (If you’re asking why I didn’t link to those blogs, well, I’m not getting anyone additional traffic for being a heterosexist/heteronormative asshole)

In other words, BlogHer is decidedly a BlogHer life about breeding site, and not much else is important. If you do decide to blog there about other topics, I don’t anticipate getting any useful traffic for your efforts, and possibly being just flat out insulted. I think I’ll stick to promoting myself on twitter and facebook, thanks.