Writing is like a rainbow

No, that’s shitty. I don’t know what writing is like. Like a psychotic half blind black cat? I have one of those, and writing can be similar to her. Everything will be normal and fine, then suddenly she’s in my face, trying to eat my donut and not giving a shit as she swipes at it with her claws. So then I lay down, because I finished the donut I and I’m too tired to try to pry her claws out of me, and she gets on my chest. She refuses to leave and wants my soul.

I’m hungry, bitch.

Yes, that is what writing is like.

I have 2 blog posts just waiting to be put up here, just waiting for their links and pictures. Damn. I’ll get on that. Not right this moment, it’s almost 4am, Buffy is almost over, and Dianne is going to wake up any moment wanting to know why I’m typing and not sleeping.

I need to get back into writing stories, or at least editing the ones I have. The problem is my everythings decide to hurt, and they are crap motivators for writing. Great motivators for TV watching though. I finished the whole season of Terra Nova in 3 days. Damn Netflix.  I’ve been trying to catch up on my tv watching. It sounds bad, but when you have a queue of around 200 shows/movies, its daunting. And when I finish a show, it feels like I accomplished something. Even if that something is just to yell repeatedly “Its a motherfucking pterodactyl!” and then insist from this point forward if you’re going to use the word pterodactyl you precede it with motherfucking. And I feel special that I spelled pterodactyl without spell check. Go me.

I couldn’t find a Pterodactyl from the show Terra Nova, so I got you this T Rex instead.

PS: I invented a club, it has a slightly changing name but basically its “People who don’t like being fucking told what to do”, our acronym is BITCHES. I’ll be adding this to my about page eventually as well. Admission is free, the password is BITCHES, yelled loudly and inappropriately, preferably around children who will repeat it later.

PPS: I’m watching The Secret Circle now. I’m trying to give myself an easy break during the winter season break of all my other shows. At some point I will actually watch Doctor Who. Someday.