Everything Crashing

My sister moved in with us. Yep, with 2 of her kids, and her two dogs. Thankfully an absolutely amazing awesome incredible person we used to volunteer in an animal rescue with took her 20 year old cat, and the litter of 3 kittens she just came home with one day.

This is just going to be a brief mentioning of odd moments.

I have not found a way to explain OCD to any of them. My niece is getting the hang of using the term, but she still doesn’t get that I pull out my hair because I have to, and I can’t stop myself. Even if you relate that she is constantly sucking on her whole freaking hand and can’t stop, or that my nephew needs to wear gloves to clean and arrange things in certain orders, this still doesn’t make sense.

My sister justified staying overnight at her new boyfriends house because she “needed to pay her phone bill”.

There are still bloody handprints on my walls from I had that nervous breakdown a while ago, and everyone is used to them now. I like them.

My niece asked me how long I’ve hated Jesus. Which was difficult to explain that I don’t hate him, I just think his story is a bunch of crap.

She then mentioned when she grows up she wants a mustache like mine.

I’ve discovered that Dr. Seuss was an awesome person, because he didn’t like children or people. We could have been friends, except that neither of us like people, so that likely wouldn’t work out.

I’m trying to find something to do for Dianne’s birthday. Everything I find has reviews saying how good or bad it is for kids. I want to punch those reviewers for only giving opinions related to entertaining spawn.

My sister brought a hoard with her. My house looks like an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen.

She also brought cockroaches.

Our completely insane and blind cat Luna got a new pheromone collar to help calm her down. Included in the pheromone powder coating is a glitter powder coating. This makes no sense.

Today my niece explained she picks at her lips because she likes the blood. My nephew was sitting next to her wearing a full camo face mask that made him look like a serial killer.

I am having some pent up rage issues. I have never used the excessive streams of profanity that came from me as I did last night when we played Left for Dead 2.

When things are horrible, watch this video.


(Links to things added later. I’m too tired.)