A Letter to Spring Valley Hospital


Employees of Spring Valley Hospital??

I’m writing in reference to an article I recently read about the homophobic and illegal ways your hospital chooses to treat gay couples. On top of that, instead of being professional and at least reviewing such policies you state you have in place, which are policies that deny gay people legal rights given to them by the state of Nevada, your PR department yelled at a reporter and then hung up on them. You should think it a blessing that at the moment the two women involved in this matter have decided not to sue you, and only take to the press. The child that one of them was carrying died, and I doubt any judge or jury would have trouble finding your hospital at fault.

Until there is news that you have decided to repeal your discriminatory policies, an apology has been issued to the couple involved, and your PR rep has been fired, I will happily continue to share this article with everyone and anyone I know. Including printing it out and mailing it to people, and sending it to any press that are not currently reporting on it.

Link to article referenced: http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2012/08/lesbian-couple-denied-hospital-rights-despite-legal-domestic-partnership/

Nina Potts

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