Fucking Roman Polanski

I’m sure someone is.

I lose respect for any actors I see in his movies. I don’t give a single fuck how awesome of an artist he is. He is a rapist. I don’t give a shit that it was well over two decades ago. This is how my mind goes when you mention his name: Rapist, criminal, asshole. Oh yeah, and director.

The people who work with him, when you’re on set for a few months at a time, do you make sure to leave your teenage daughters at home so he won’t rape them, or do you bring them along to set? I mean, maybe he’ll give you some money or a credit in the movie for their virginity. Nah, he wouldn’t do that! I mean, he’s been rehab- oh wait, no he hasn’t. He has never done any time, or had any actual repercussions for what he did, aside from two months in prison and a few months under house arrest. He’s been living the fucking high life in other countries, winning Oscars and shit everywhere, and the only people who seem to even care anymore that he’s a rapist is me, and American law enforcement.

Lock up your daughters! Not me!

You may think I’m over reacting, so let’s have a conversation:

Me: I’m so excited to see you! Its been so long! Want to go to that new mexican place for dinner?

You: Sounds great! I’ll have to find a sitter for Tasha.

Me: Isn’t Tasha like 13? She can’t be home alone?

You: Yeah, but I’d feel better if she wasn’t by herself you know. You can never be too careful.

Me: True. Oh, you’ll have to meet my new boyfriend Dave, he’s awesome. I can see if he can watch Tasha if you want.

You: Um, maybe? Whats he like? Does he have kids?

Me: OMG, he’s this amazing artist, he’s a fashion photographer. He’s actually getting really famous. And he’s from Switzerland, very sexy accent! He has two kids too.

You: Yeah, Tasha can stay with him. We can order them a pizza. Why did he move here?

Me: Well, he got into some trouble in Switzerland and was convicted of rape. He didn’t want to go to jail so he’s been living here for about 20 years.

You: Holy shit, you want to leave my daughter with a rapist??

Me: It’s totally cool. He promised he wouldn’t rape her. It was like 20 years ago.

You: Go fuck yourself.

Republicans, making sure it doesn’t get better

I get crap from tons of people because I’m always picking on Republicans, and their little brother, the tea party. The thing is, I wouldn’t have anything to say if they didn’t open their mouths and let some of the most atrocious, hateful, bigoted,outdated, and uneducated things come out.

Today everyone is bringing up the fact that Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin (Missouri) stated that victims of “legitimate” rape do not get pregnantt. This is not the first (or the last) time someone from that party will make a comment or joke that rape is not a big deal, not illegal, fun, and even a gift. Add this to their further attempts to block equal rights for women and homosexuals, attempts to force religion into education, and lastly, create some of the most racist and xenophobic policies since Hitler.

I am lumping the tea party in with the republicans, that’s their parent party, and really, their just an even more extreme version of republicans. Who thought that was possible??

Oddly, the republican party didn’t always ascribe to such terrifying outdated views, and somehow in the time they gained control of congress, their power-hungry ego’s turned them into monsters, trying to control every aspect of Americans lives, especially women. It almost makes me wonder if in the basement of congress all those republicans get together at night and work on a machine to actually turn back time to the 50’s, so they can truly put us all in our “proper place”.

So yes, I am going to say that Republicans (and their Tea Bagger friends) remind me of the KKK. I am linking them because of beliefs both ascribe to that people who are not white and heterosexual are not deserving of equal rights. I am saying that they hate women, because every law they attempt to pass about equal pay for women, equal rights for women, and women’s health is an attempt to control women and rob us of our rights and lives.

The U.S. has become a scary country to live in. I knew for years that we were behind as far as education, health care, rights, and distribution of income, but in the past 4 years, the Republicans and Tea Baggers of our country are trying to make us sink even lower. At this rate, in a few years, those third world countries we all talk about, will be more progressive than we are.

You might be asking, where are my facts. I have two answers for you, one, you haven’t been paying attention. Anyone reading the news in the past 2 years has seen all of the things I’ve mentioned, and more, in various news sources. If you haven’t, go look them up. Second, on top of facts, these statements are all how any progressive person in our country is feeling right now. Part of that feeling includes feeling out numbered and scared. I want to think it gets better, I want to think that it won’t always be like this, but the more pessimistic part of my mind see’s republican controlled concentration camps in the future.

Those of you with the thought “If you don’t like it here, get out”. Well, why should I? I’m an american citizen to, I’m told that I have all the rights you do (even though I know I don’t), but I do have the right to vote. I have the right to tell people they’re wrong and make my opinion known, and try to change the seriously fucked up system we have right now. Also, even if I wanted to leave, do you know how hard it is to immigrate to a better country? They all have requirements as far as money, education, and skills go, not things available to lower class citizens of the U.S.

Oh, and that Missouri Senate candidate I mentioned, he’s winning his race.