A strange moment

I thought I’d add just a short strange but not as depressing post, since the last few were nearly suicidal.

Email to Dianne: Can I get a model of the human brain? Or even better, a brain preserved in a jar? Or a brain preserved in some resin, like they do with scorpions for tourist junk?

Odd thoughts said to Dianne:

What if the Sandman isn’t just some strange fairy type thing? What if it’s a grotesque monster in another dimension. Then at night it masturbates in the exact spot as us  and its sperm or vagina spray is so strong it passes through dimensions onto us, but it comes through so thin its like a light mist, even maybe a gas. That makes us fall asleep.

It’s a little sad they didn’t have the internet forever. Imagine if there was internet when Abraham Lincoln was alive. If he was gay he could’ve met someone awesome. Or maybe someone who had a fetish for super tall people that was a better match for him than his wife.

Things that happened:

My sister ate heroin two weeks ago. She didn’t die. But I had to stay in the ER with her for 9 hours. And help her poop. Maybe I’ll tell that whole story eventually, but not now.

I’m looking to changing what this site looks like, so that there will be a dual focus on my writing and the blog. I want to blog for fun. I write because I have to, I need the stories out of my brain. Right now I feel forced to blog so I dread even writing. Too much pressure on myself.

Once every couple of weeks we have to put our bearded dragon in a bath of warm water to make her poop. Its disgusting. Really disgusting.

I’m watching all of How I Met Your Mother. I want a teacup pig (even though they don’t really exist).