Oh noes! An update

Ok, I really am working on things. I have a few fun little projects I’m trying to make, along with 2 fun new stories, along with general craziness. Here’s whats up.

I got an awesome gift card for christmas from Diannes dad and step mom (thank you guys!!). We used part of it to pay a bill. I used the rest to buy Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack and finger puppets!!!!! I wish I could properly explain in writing the excitement of these finger puppets. There is a tiny humorless story behind them though, so there’s that.

We were at Bookmans (my favourite book and media store EVER), and we had to leave unexpectedly. Its rare that you go to Bookmans to just get one thing and leave quickly. Or at least for me, I wander around, and look at everything, people watch, chat with random people about the merits of Jenny Lawsons book, etc. One of my best friends called, she was in town! But not for long. So we hurried to checkout, and there were all those little things they try to get you to buy. There was a little box full of these awesome looking finger puppets. There was William Shakespeare, and Edgar Allen Poe (who, as the cashier pointed out, could also double as Prince), the Scream painting guy, and Jesus. There were others, but these were the most interesting. Being the child I am, I spent the whole checkout screaming back and forth with the Scream guy and making Edgar Allen Poe sing Purple Rain. We did not buy the finger puppets (cry). But, I would not be dissuaded. When we got home I found their website and bought those 4. I plan to buy more. Which leads me, finally, to my point.

I want to make little videos with these puppets. Some of them will be just fun readings of their work. I think I’m going to have the Sigmund Freud puppet give interviews. I also have some very (likely offensive) funny things planned for Jesus. So excited.

Thats the main thing. I’m busy on twitter, slowly accumulating followers. My facebook needs work, its sad and boring, like an old folks home. I’m trying to make a calendar background for my computer that has the submission deadlines on it I need to remember. I really suck at remembering those.

As far as new stories, I have 2 I’m working on. I have nightmares often, but oddly, they don’t scare me. Like a horror movie that’s really good but you’re not scared off. I will tell you, one involves zombies made by pollen. I know, its got Syfy channel written all over it. The other is this strange one involving astral projection and varying races of vampires. Its just a hot mess right now.

I am working on writing, I’m doing terrible currently. You can blame this all on my stupid molar that broke over the holidays. It has been a Hades comedy of errors with this damn tooth, and its not even over. It hurts so much, and the dentists I’ve dealt with have been awful. Somewhat jealous of my dads dentures lately. For having dentures, not for living in his mouth. That’s a strange image, forget it.

I’m going to attempt to get to work, once these pain meds kick in. I’ll be playing Fable 2 until then.

I have no funny pictures today. So here’s a song that’s been stuck in my head. Its from that show Bunheads, which I conflictedly like.