Randomy randomness

I have no actual paragraphs of interestingness to say, so I’ll just say whatever has stomped through my brain the past few days.

never enough zombie killing

Saw Resident Evil: Retribution. There were no zombie dogs this time. Were we unable to get past the fact that it’s still a dog, so we’re a little sad when they die? Or were we just tired of the zombie dogs, and needed something new? What about zombie dinosaurs? Oh wait, that’s not believable.




I still don’t understand the drool about an iphone. Don’t explain it to me, I won’t understand. And don’t ever say a single thing about how much I spend on shoes if you own an iphone. 

I wonder if any of my medications are making me dumber. I seem to have more trouble spelling, speaking, and putting together logical sentences. It’s also possible that its due to old age, I did just turn 32.

My body actually feels tired after a migraine finally goes away. I call it my migraine hangover. I would google to see if other people get this, but I also don’t care.

Someone’s Us magazine got put in our mail box. I read it. No, I tried to read it. I looked at some of the pictures. I realized I didn’t know who most of the people were. I realized I didn’t care. I also think gossip magazines are tacky and have a general distaste for paparazzi. Maybe I’m a snob.

I do not have Buffy/Angel/Firefly rewatches. They are on a consistent loop. I did not include Dollhouse, haven’t really welcomed it into the fold yet. It’s all the implied rapeyness, I can’t handle that much rapey rapeyness.

All hail the whedonyness

I like the other blogs I read that show other people unable to function as adults. They make me feel better about my inability to function as an adult.

I’m reading The Courtesan’s Revenge. I had to look up what Black Pudding is. What the hell is wrong with people.

I got a couple new bras, and as most women with large breasts, I only go through this torture as needed. There is no “fun bra shopping” on my planet. I had to get resized. I’m a 44F. I don’t care about the 44, but F?? Seriously?

finally someone understands these things are all not fun and games

I almost accidentally killed myself on my birthday. I always put together a migraine cocktail before I leave the house, one dose, all one bottle, about 10 pills total. I keep the xanax in its own bottle. I wasn’t looking, it was nearly dark because of a movie about to start. It’s a good thing I actually looked down just before I tossed them in my mouth. Can 10 2mg xanax kill you?