She applied the sweet burgundy lipstain slowly, watching her lips change color in the mirror. Stepping back, she pressed them together, eyes darting over her thick frame, squeezed into shining black leather. Stiletto boots climbed up her calves, skimming her knees. A matching g-string disappeared between her legs, framing her ass. The zip front corset pinched her waist, pushing her breasts up into a luscious shelf for a boy to rest his head on. Her blond hair was down, free, curly, how she liked it when she played this game. She turned her head, listening for the boy in the other room, but it was silent, as she expected it to be. This was not her normal self, her normal game. For years she had been someone else, someone she didn’t want to be, and then, later someone she was afraid to be. It had required trust, and in the end the pain she got was not the physical she craved, but the emotional that ripped too much away for her to bear. Now she lived behind a wall, watching, afraid to let it down and anyone in again. Her world was out of control, and this was her way to seize it again, if only for a few short hours.

Clicking the bathroom door open, she walked across the smooth wood floor to where the boy knelt. In her earlier years, long before she had lived as a submissive, she had tried to be this person. She knew then she was being what she wanted, not what she was. Now she wasn’t so sure, and seeing the boy on the floor there made her reconsider all of her past. He was stripped down, as instructed, only in black boxer briefs and a black sports bra. She didn’t know what it was about a boy in a black sports bra that turned her on so much, that image had teased her fantasies many lonely nights, and many boring fucks. He looked up at her, tan face shining, dark brown eyes dancing with excitement. His short black spiked hair was slightly damp. She wondered what he might say had she allowed him to speak.

“I’m hungry, get on the chair.” She commanded.
He scrambled over to the waiting wood chair. The cock in his shorts bulged out invitingly. Again she looked him over.

Walking, getting between his legs, she spread them slowly, raking her nails down his thighs. Kneeling down she looked up at him. Not a place some dominants were willing to go, but this was a test, today, boundaries.

“Don’t touch me, don’t make a sound, don’t move.” Her voice was stern, the way most butches talked to her, she was imitating it well.

He nodded in compliance. She tugged the boxers open, finding the dark blue cock that was buried inside. His eyes were on her as she licked the tip, taking it between her lips slowly. Her hands found their way to his waist, gripping, the cock disappearing into her mouth. She could look up and watch him as she sucked, slow, teasing, watching him struggle to obey.

Her mouth descended, farther, holding it there, sucking slowly. She let moans escape, to let him know how much she was enjoying his cock. Her hand went up the leg of his boxers, fingers teasing the edge of the strap on, she dug under, finding the soaking wet pussy there. Wet enough if she had wanted to fuck him, but he hadn’t earned that yet. Now she sped up the pace, pleased with how turned on he was, wanting to really test his self control. Her moans were louder, obvious, and she seemed to be ignoring him, completely engrossed in the task of sucking his cock. Moments passed this way, her head bobbing up and down, him trying not to look, trying to behave, but completely drawn in.

“Mmmm. Very good boy. Well, since you’re so turned on I think you’d like to fuck now?” She said, raising her head from his lap.
“Yes Ma’am I would. Please?” His face lit up.
“Oh I certainly hope you didn’t think I would be that easy on you. Now help me up, and get on your knees. You still have a lot to prove.” She took his place in the chair, and looked at her leather clad feet. “Do you like my boots?” She asked.
“Yes Ma’am.” He replied, a confused took on his face.
“Good, show me how much you like them”

Tentatively his lips pressed to the leather, holding her foot.
“Excuse me? I don’t recall allowing you to have my foot, put it down and get lower boy. Now.” This irritated her, his touching her so freely without her permission. He looked nervous as he lowered her foot to the polished floor, his face reflecting up from it as he kissed her boot again.

The longer his lips lingered the more brave he got, his tongue starting to peek out at first, then stiff short licks, then full licks, covering the boot. She enjoyed watching him, enjoyed how engrossed with it he became, giving in to her, letting her enjoy him as she liked. She watched his breathing quicken, feeling warmer in her boots than before from his hot little mouth. He wasn’t just cleaning her boot now; he was loving it, his tongue caressing it like a sexual organ. If the boot had been flesh it would have come in his mouth by now. He lowered more, sucking the stiletto, she rose slowly to watch his lips wrap around it, sucking it off. She lightly shoved it into his mouth faster, careful. She couldn’t wait to get his tongue on her skin. She switched him to the other boot, watching him repeat the same magic, braver and more relaxed this time. An image of him coming on her boot, riding it, popped into her head. Slightly comical, slightly erotic, but there would be time to explore that idea on another day.

“That’s good, you’ve done well. I do think you need to be punished for that little misstep of yours though. Now get up and face the wall, put your hands up on it.”

Again he was quick to rise, immediately in the position she had designated. She didn’t restrain him, they had discussed restraints earlier. It’s not that she didn’t like them, but she expected him to behave so that she didn’t have to. The only time she liked restraints was if she would want to use him in some way, restrict him more than even her voice could.

She pulled a thin white rod from a box under the bed. The shining wood was in her hand, a gift from a previous lover; it was well taken care of, and almost always well received. She stepped to the left, just behind the boy; glad she had a large bedroom at moments like this. The cane whistled slightly before landing on his thighs, an audible sting on the boys naked skin. Repeatedly she brought the cane down, watching skin turn from a dark tan to an intense red. She had no intentions of drawing blood, and gave him breaks between every five licks or so.
“Are you sorry for what you did boy?”
“Yes Ma’am”
“What exactly are you sorry for?”
“I’m sorry I misbehaved Ma’am, that I picked up your boot.” He said, struggling with his words, and his breathing. His body was unfamiliar with the sharp pain of a cane, and didn’t warm to it as he would have with fists or heavy paddles.
“That’s right.”She stepped forward; looking closely at the marks on his legs, letting her hands caress them, soothe them.

Long ago she had been a cruel Domme; uncaring, using them completely and giving almost nothing back. Now she was smarter, having been in their place, trained, knowing how important their needs were as hers. She didn’t hurt him so much because she needed it, but because now she understood he did too. She walked away from him, taking off the g-string and sitting on the edge of her low bed.

“Come here boy, crawl over here”
He got on his knees, head down, crawling toward her. He moved slowly but with purpose, keeping his breath even, a way to focus past the pain in his stinging thighs. She indicated for him to lie on the bed, considering restraining him now. Finding the restraints she had attached to her bed earlier in the day, she attached him to each one, completely spreading him out. She also blindfolded and gagged him. It’s not so much that she didn’t want him to hear or see, but that she wanted him to feel used, to know that he was just a toy for her to fuck, and nothing more. Her pussy, slick, she eased onto his cock, and began riding. It was almost like masturbating, but she enjoyed looking at him much more than to her mind’s eye for a usual fantasy. Up and down, faster, her thighs pumped her, propelling her to orgasm. She held out, feeling the cock sinking in and out of her, able to get fucked exactly as she liked. Her voice was raising, profanity streaming from her mouth.

“That’s right; you’re just my fuck toy. Just a cock for me to ride. Oh yes, oh, I’m going to come on this big cock of yours.” She spat the words at him.

Her fingers found his nipples through the bra, squeezing them alternately; she could hear his groans through the gag. As her orgasm approached she pulled harder, squeezing them continuously. Thighs thick with sweat, her breathing labored by the corset restraining her, pounding his chest and shoulders with her hands as she lost seconds of control. The orgasm was ripping through her body, up and down her spine, spreading up from her pussy to overcome her. Murderous cries quaked from her throat, and for seconds all was blank.

Coming back down from her endorphin induced high, she looked at the boy below her. She drew her mouth soft to his skin to soothe the slight marks of her fists. Soft cries, whimpers, came from his gag at these caresses. A thought crossed her mind, wicked, which would have worried him had he been able to see her. She deftly climbed from him and the bed.

“What a good little fuck toy you’ve been boy. But we have a problem.”
“I’m sorry Ma’am?”
“That’s right, you should be. I want to fuck you, is that what you want?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Well boy, I don’t want to fuck a boy, I don’t fuck boys, I fuck girls. So what are you, a girl or a boy?”
“I, um, I am a girl Ma’am?” He was startled, realizing what she meant.
“Well I don’t know any girls with cocks, so what do you think needs to be done if you want to get fucked?” She stated matter of factly, watching him struggle with his boundaries.

She released him from the bindings, his senses coming back in focus. He carefully climbed from the bed, his face red, his hands nervous and unsteady. She could see his inner struggle, it was one thing for him to take a beating, but to be penetrated would make him feel so feminine, so aware of the body that he inhabited and not the personality he projected.

Slowly, watching her, he slid down his boxer briefs, revealing the black leather strap on that held his cock in place. His fingers found the buckle holding it there, and he removed it slower, letting the cock droop, then fall to the floor.

Her eyebrow rose, she stared at his still covered breasts, and he took that as an indication to remove the sports bra as well. His heart was pounding; she was staring at his bare girl body now, thick black hair full of moisture between his legs, begging to be fucked. She considered tying him up again, but instead wanted to make him feel like the girl he was.

She pulled her close, their bodies together. She was only a few inches taller than the girl, a stroked her face with her fingers. She brought her mouth down, pressing their lips together, opening and darting her tongue into the girl’s mouth. One hand moved down, pulling the girl even closer, while the other cupped the girls small breasts, teasing them individually. She let her tongue drift down the girl’s neck, then slowly lapped at her hard little nipples.

Making the girl lie on the bed, she left to attach her own strap on, feeling very feminine in its purple leather, tying the lace up portion of it in the back. She attached a large purple silicone cock to match. The girl eyes bulged at the sight of her wielding a cock bigger than hers. She approached the girl, pushing her on her back, spreading her legs and pulling them over her shoulders.

“Are you horny girl?” The girl winced at the words, seemingly embarrassed.
“Yes Ma’am” She choked.
“What a wet pussy you have girl. I bet you want this big cock in that tight little pussy of yours.” She teased the cock around the girls opening, watching the girl try to remain still.
“Beg me to fuck you, beg me for this cock”
“Please Ma’am, please fuck me. I’ll be so good; I’d love to feel your cock inside my pussy. I want to come on your cock so badly Ma’am” the girl begged now, stripped of any remaining boyishness.

She pushed it inside, not needing lube for the girl was past dripping wet. The cock slid slowly in and out at first, letting the girl feel every inch of getting fucked. She pushed harder, deeper, testing the little slut’s limits with quick and rough thrusts.

“You greedy little whore. Tell me how much you like it you little slut. You’re a little girl slut aren’t you?”
“Yes Ma’am. I’m a slut, a girl slut. I love your cock so much in my slutty girl pussy. Please please fuck my slutty pussy.” The girls eyes were squeezed shut, her face turned to the side to try to hide her shame.

She pounded harder, watching the girl grip the bed sheets; grasping material threads as the threads of her reality were woven into a new image for her to experience. She stopped for seconds, to reach under the bed into the box for another toy. Lubing it quickly she pushed it deep into the girls ass, instructing her to hold it there as she was getting fucked. The girl’s moans became louder, shrieks and cries, a soprano pitch attesting to her femaleness, to her arousal, to the rawness of their fucking.

“Ask me to come you little bitch” She growled between gritted teeth, a sheen of sweat on her exposed skin, her leg muscles aching from their new workout.

The girl begged again, pleaded for her orgasm. But she was denied for the moment, and reached out to grab her in a moment of memory loss, or desperation.

“Oh I’ll punish you for that later. When I count to ten, you will come. If you don’t, you won’t come at all.” The girl struggled with this as the counting began, holding back and letting go, as each number came at an irregular time.

One, then three minutes later, two, three, four, a minute passed, five, another minute, six, seven, eight, five minutes, nine, one minute, the girl was about to lose all of her own control, as if she had any anyways. Ten came thirty seconds later, and the girl was crying as she orgasmed.

She watched the girl coming, crying, pounding it deeper into her, keeping up her pace, riding her out. When the girl finally quieted she resisted the urge to hold her, but instead knew the task of punishing her for the new infraction must be taken care of before the scene could end. She removed her cock, and the ass plug the girl had held on to miraculously.

Turning the tired limp girl over, she smacked the bare brown ass. Deciding against a regular spanking she retreated into her box again, finding the wooden paddle brush she preferred to use instead. She rubbed the cold wood on the girl’s bare ass, warming it slightly. She gave the girl’s cheeks three smacks, each one progressively harder. The girl wriggled as the stings shot across her backside. When she finished the ass was pink, not as much as she would have liked but this would do for now. Again she caressed the sore skin on the girl, her ass and back, soothing its sensitive nerves. She helped the girl up, wiping the few tears from her stained cheek.

She looked at the used girl sitting next to her. The girl watched her as she undressed, naked for the first time during their encounter. She pulled the bed sheets back, crawling into the bed, inviting the girl in with her. Entangling their bodies together they held each other warm and soft, each coming down in their own way, together.

“You did very well” She smiled at the girl, who in turn beamed at her with pride.

She was no more in control now than she had been before, but the wounds others had created were somehow understood now. She wasn’t sure why, or even how really, but a tiny grain of peace was slumbering inside her, she hoped it was a seed she could nurture to grow.