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Hy dug around for hys keys, muttering curses at the blazing summer sun. The white work truck glowed in front of hym as hy unlocked it, already warm even in the early morning. Hys first call was typical of the season, a malfunctioning air conditioner at a local business. Hy’d never been there before, but that wasn’t saying much. Hy hadn’t been to most places in Phoenix before; being that hy was a recent transplant from Oregon. The truck started, simultaneously blasting rock music and hot air. Sweat began to trickle down hys brow, hys neck, and the small of hys back. It made hym uncomfortable feeling so sticky and wet, and hy constantly regretted hys relocation. Looking into the rear view mirror hy caught a reflection of hys deep brown eyes and buzzed short dark hair, showing its first signs of gray as hy backed out of the parking lot, easing into the light traffic.

Following the directions hy printed on the office computer hy passed freeways and shopping malls, constantly amazed at how hard and run down everything here looked. The few people hy saw venturing out during daylight hours all looked baked dry, like the sun and heat of this place was slowly emptying them of life. Hy felt the same way, and didn’t understand how anyone could stand this for years on end. The truck slowed, the small brown building bearing the address hy had been searching for. Parking in the tiny parking lot, looking at the neon sign on the building, hy almost chuckled to hymself at hys luck. Of course hys first call of the day would be at a strip club. Perfect end to a perfect week. Now hy could look all day at more of what hy couldn’t have, as if having Sandy dump hym Friday night wasn’t enough. It was like a prophesy of sexual frustration, women teasing hym like they had done hys whole life.

Hy pulled open the heavy metal door, squinting to adjust hys eyes to the dim interior. Hy followed the hallway past a pair of sheer white curtains and into the club. A stage was directly ahead of hym, lit from below with a dull red light, upholstered chairs surrounding it, waiting for worshipers of its heeled stars. Mirrors lined the walls, making the club seem bigger than it was, the dancing lights from the stage cascading shots of color around the room. The bar lay to his right, where he found a large overly muscular bartender, and was directed back to the manager’s office. A small man, with a pencil mustache tended to stacks of papers, a thin loose white linen button up shirt and matching pants giving him the air of a Hugh Hefner wannabe. Hy was shown to the different areas of the club that were experiencing problems, four air conditioners in all. Two on the main floor of the club, one in the VIP area, and one in the dancer’s dressing room.

Hy hauled in hys gear, setting up hys ladder to get to work. Dancers would come in and out of the dressing room, like giraffes in their outrageously high heels, dwarfing everyone around them. They ignored hys presence, and hy attempted to do the same, concentrating on the wiring in front of hym while trying to balance a small led flashlight in hys mouth. The dim lighting wasn’t making hys work any easier or faster, and after two hours of work hy knew this was going to take a few days instead of a few hours.

After having his head up near the ceiling for such a long time hy almost forgot where hy was. That was until hy heard one of hys favorite songs being played by the DJ, and a dancer gliding onto the stage that hy hadn’t seen earlier in the day. Her hair was curly, strawberry blonde, waves surrounding her very young and innocent looking face. Her curvaceous body twirled around the pole, her black and pink baby doll dress swirling around her. She wasn’t the typical stripper, her body being thicker than any girl there, her natural breasts large and perky. Forty years ago she would have been idolized, and her attitude on stage made it obvious that that was not the case presently.

Hy tried to get back to hys work but kept stealing glances at her as she bent over, caressing the stage with her writhing body. As the song went on hy saw she was mouthing the words, ignoring the scant audience completely. She couldn’t have been more than 21, and part of hym felt like a pervert for enjoying her show so much, a girl who easily could have been hys child. Feeling the frustration come up in hym, hy descended from the ladder and made hys way to the bathroom, which also happened to be in the dressing room. Hy refused to look at the dancers as hy walked by, locking the door to the tiny enclosure behind hym. Grateful for a moment truly alone, hy practiced the breathing technique hy used when attempting to control any one of hys unruly emotions, usually hys temper. Standing back up, hy pulled open the door only to find hymself almost diving into creamy white breasts at hys eye level. Hy could only glance up briefly to see the girl hy had been admiring from afar minutes earlier. Hy muttered a quick apology before almost running from the room and back up hys ladder. The rest of hys day was filled with work, watching her, and thinking of her. From paying a little attention hy learned her stage name, Jesse, and by the end of the day knew every tattoo on her body and what kind of music she liked to dance to best.

The next day pulling into the parking lot hy was filled with anticipation instead of the frustration of the day before. Hy set up again, and nursed a bottle of water before beginning work. Jesse appeared to be the only girl in the club at the moment, she bent over the bar requesting a bottle of water as well.

“So when do you think it will be done?” hy heard over the loud hip hop music.
“Huh?” escaped his lips before he could even register what was going on, trying to hide the fact that he had been blatantly gazing at her half bare ass.
“The air conditioning?” She asked again, an eyebrow raised.
Hy was distracted again, watching her press the bottle of water to her breasts, rivulets of water running between them and disappearing below the low cut dress.
“Probably by tomorrow” Hy said, regaining hys composure, keeping hys eyes on hers.

They stood there silent for a moment; hy wasn’t quite sure what to say next.
“So what does your boyfriend think of you doing this?” hy asked, making an attempt at conversation but also curiously hopeful.
“Oh I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t date men.” She almost giggled as she said it.
The implications of her comment hit hym like a wall, and hy felt like some cartoon genie had just popped out of a wall somewhere yelling “wish granted!” He realized he was a bit out of practice picking up on femme cues.

Hy covered hys shock with a smile. Her face flushed just slightly, and hy started to realize she was nervous talking to hym. This gave hys ego a boost, and hy thought of all the numerous reasons she could be nervous. Hy mind overflowed with thousands of ideas of things hy’d like to do to her, hy was overwhelmed. Hy quickly said goodbye to her and got to work again, trying to hide the heat in hys face, afraid she would know hys pornographic thoughts. Again hy felt the guilt that she was so young, sweet, and hys thoughts seemed too violent. It would be like crushing a flower really. A flower young enough to be hys daughter hy reminded hymself. Still, hy enjoyed the thoughts, and the blush on her face was enough to keep hym grinning all day.

Throughout the day she checked on hym, offering hym bottles of water, chatting during hys breaks, even offering help if hy needed it, though he couldn’t imagine her climbing a work ladder in lingerie and clear plastic 6 inch heels. In a way she reminded him of a child hanging around a father fixing something. It gave his mind some mental imagery to work with, making hys self control more difficult each time their eyes met.

That night hy laid in bed, stroking hymself through hys BVD’s letting the mental images of her torture him to orgasm. Soaked and panting, hy drifted off to sleep thinking of her blue eyes staring into hys. Hys dreams all night were sexual, and hy awoke on the brink of orgasm, a hard on that could have torn through hys briefs. Hy was tempted to lay there and take care of it, but the anticipation of seeing her again was too much to put off, and he had already slept through several alarms, nervousness, guilt, and frustration. And anticipation, loads of anticipation.

Again hy was there early, and she was the only girl there. She let hym into the club. The manager had gone out to run errands and the DJ hadn’t arrived yet, leaving them with the place to themselves. She answered in a long t-shirt with the clubs logo on it, and her heels. She looked as if she had just woken up, her hair a bit messy, and her face devoid of makeup, making her look even younger. The sight threw hym off, but tempted hym to pull up the shirt to see what she had on underneath, to grab her messy hair, to kiss her little girl mouth.

She led hym into the club, and sat at the stage watching and talking to hym while hy worked. As hy reached up to wipe sweat from hys forehead hy accidentally bumped hys flashlight, knocking it to the floor.

“Look out” Hy shouted down from the ladder, worried that it might hit her.

Hy carefully descended, seeing her standing there offering it out to hym. She was looking at hym, her face down, eyes looking up, the way that made hym want to shove her to her knees and show her who was boss. Hy looked at the flashlight in her hand, gritting hys teeth, forcing hys self control. Hy had meant to grab for it but instead found hymself grabbing her wrist, yanking her towards hym. She was pulled off balance in her heels, and fell against hym. Hy looked up at her, grabbing her hair like hy had envisioned earlier. It was soft, damp underneath from the sweat. Hy devoured her mouth, sucking into hym her breath, groping her tongue with hys. Hy practically carried her to the stage, their mouths locked, tiny moans escaping her the whole way. Again hy pushed, and she was on the stage, legs immediately open. Hys fingers found the hem of the t-shirt, pulling it up and off in one swoop. She would have gasped had she time, her breath almost lost. There was nothing underneath her t-shirt, just her glistening pink body. Hy reached into hys tool belt and pulled out some plastic ties, securing her wrists into the makeshift handcuffs and around the pole.

Hys fingers were numb with excitement, undoing the buttons in hys jeans, taking out the cock that hy had packed for today. Hy had actually intended on getting a lap dance from her later in the day after hys work was finished, to see her reaction to the bulge in his jeans, but this was working much more to hys advantage. Hy grabbed her legs, pulling them up until her ankles rested on hys shoulders. The head of hys cock was at her bare pussy lips, hy placed a finger there to work her up, get her wet. To hys surprise she didn’t need it, the few moments of hym touching her had been enough, and she was already leaving a pool on the stage. It was enough to drive hym over the edge, a lust like rage taking hym over, watching the tip of hys cock slide into those swollen naked lips of hers. As it sunk in her face turned away, a moan coming from her, she held her breath until the coarseness of hys jeans was brushing her thighs. Hy stood there looking down at her, at hys cock inside the place that haunted hys dreams the past nights, and as much as hy wanted to plow into her, hy wanted to hear her, to hear her ask for it.

“Is this what you’ve been hoping for?” Hy asked her.

“Yes, oh yes please” she groaned.

Hy reached out and pinched her nipples hard, making her back arch. Hy resisted hys urge to move again.

“Please, please fuck me” it was almost the begging hy wanted.
“Slut” hy muttered, slapping her face enough to sting.
“Yes! Oh yes, I’m a slut, please fuck this slutty girl. Please, I’ll be so good, please” hys insult releasing a part of her, cracking her cold facade she usually carried on stage.

Hy pulled hys cock slowly out, and before she could make another sound, hy lifted her up slightly and eased it into her exceptionally tight ass. Hys fingers found her pussy, and pushing three in hy found she was almost tight enough to be a virgin. Hy pulled them back out, stuffing them into her moaning mouth, feeding her the stickiness from between her legs. Hy began grunting, pounding her ass, watching her ass shake each time hy hit it with hys pelvis, looking at her laying beneath hym at hys mercy. Her pussy was swollen, her clit standing out, begging for attention. Hys thumb gave it a few soft strokes, then thumped it lightly. A tension was climbing up hys shoulders and into hys neck, an urge to really hurt her, to use her to hys satisfaction, to break her. Hys fist went into her hair, yanking at it again.

“Please, please, don’t stop, hurt me, fuck me, please just don’t stop” her begging continued.

“I want to hear you come bitch, do it now” hy growled, falling onto her, ready to release the tension in a pounding orgasm.Her body wrapped around hys, and it was like crushing a flower, a young, sweet, wet, moaning, flower. Even after she had collapsed back onto the stage hy kept moving, drawing her to orgasm twice more before hys legs wouldn’t take any more. Hy pulled hys cock out, stuffing it back into hys now damp briefs and jeans.

She looked half asleep, exhausted, it would have been adorable if she had been in a big canopy bed, and not tied to a pole on a strip club stage. Hy preferred the latter, enjoying hys view of her.

Hy knelt down slowly, her head rising to watch hym, eyes half open. Hys tongue found her hard clit, and licking it until her hips were bucking beneath hym. Hy soaked hys face and neck in her fresh girl cum. Her little hole contracted on hys tongue, and hy pounded hys hips against the side of the stage at the thought of fucking her that way. Her pussy throbbed in hys mouth with orgasm; filling hys mouth with her sticky sweet juice, hy felt hymself release once more. Hy fell back onto hys knees, almost dizzy from the strength of her legs that had been wrapped around hys head like a vice. Coming to, hy stood on unsteady legs, and finding hys box cutters carefully removed the plastic bindings from her wrists. She pulled the t-shirt over her naked body, looking tired, violated, and incredibly sweet. Hys lips found hers and their kisses were tender, the after sex glow overcoming them. He cradled her into his lap, she sighed against him, recovering, relaxing. They both came back to the world.

Throughout the day hy watched her work, kept an almost protective eye on her. When hy finished up the work, it was all hy could do not to toss her over hys shoulder and carry her out with hym. Instead hy handed her hys card, hys cell phone number with the promise of a phone call. Hy finished loading up hys truck, and sat in the cab a moment, almost in shock of the whole event. If it wasn’t for the dried smell of her pussy all over hym hy almost wouldn’t believe it was real. Hy adjusted the air conditioning in the truck, when the passenger door swung open. She looked at hym from across the seat, a white t-shirt with no bra, tight jeans, sweat keeping very little to hys imagination.

“Give me a ride?” She said, teasing smile on her face, biting her lip.
Hy was wrong about this place, it didn’t dry people out, the heat kept them lush and wet, like ripe fruit.